Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Apperal for teams in 2013 Lacrosse Season

Recently a lot of items are being shown what teams will be wearing this year from new helmets to new jerseys and anything else that I was able to find.
Delaware Lacrosse Helmets (Pro 7's)

                                           Maryland Lacrosse Helmets (Pro 7's)
                                          Towson Lacrosse Helmets (Pro 7's)
Johns Hopkins Helmets (Pro 7's)
Syracuse Helmets (Pro 7's)
 Georgetown Helmets (CPX-R)
Rutgers Helmets (Pro 7)
Ohio State (CPX-R)
New Syracuse Uniforms
Nike Duke 

Johns Hopkins Nike
Penn State Nike
Nike Virginia 
Syracuse Nike

                                                              North Carolina Nike
                                                               Lehigh Nike
                                                          Ohio State Nike
                                                                                        Navy Nike

Nike Colgate
                                                                           Georgetown Nike

Cornell Nike

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